About Us

We are a dynamic and truly international organisation providing value-added collaborations between the UK and China in the areas of education and communication.

Our Vision

  • Promoting global education
  • Developing international talents
  • Bridging cross-cultural communication

Our Mission

  • Enhancing collaborations between the UK and China
  • Developing each individual’s potential and ability to the fullest
  • Facilitating cross-cultural communication between China and the West
  • Making the Chinese language and culture more approachable and accessible
  • Identifying the best educational resources and providing them to those most in need
  • Making high quality international education accessible to as many students as possible

Our Main Activities

  • Executive training programmes for government bodies
  • Executive training courses for businesses
  • Special training courses for creative industries such as arts, culture, broadcasting and digital media
  • Collaborations with UK and Chinese media organisations
  • Collaborations with UK and Chinese universities
  • Vocational courses
  • Bilingual international schools
  • Teaching Chinese as a foreign language